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We would like to thank the following sponsors for their support in helping us make The Linked Repeater System one of the top notch repeater systems.

Bruce Marcus, N1XG and Marcus Communications



D-STARUsers.org - Your Source for D-Star Digital Information


DSTAR Web Calculator - Generate entries for your D-STAR radio


D-PRS Message Calculator - Calculates the necessary GPS message to use your ICOM radio in GPS mode with D-PRS 


K7VE's IC-91AD/92AD programming - Detailed instruction for using DSTARCOM to build ICF files


W1FJM's D-STAR Page - Links to many other useful D-STAR sites.


Northville Amateur Radio Association - New Milford and Litchfield Counties occassionally linked into our system.


Pioneer Valley Radio Association (PVRA) - another linked system with repeaters throughout Connecticut.


Ct. Spectrum Management Association


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