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For those with visual difficulties requiring the use of text readers, please use the following link: www.kb1aev.net/text-information.htm


 DSTAR announcements can be found at the Connecticut D-STAR Group Users Forum in the "Announcements" forum.

The KB1AEV Repeater System is owned and operated by Dana KB1AEV.

Please feel free to use the repeaters as they are open repeaters for all licensed Amateurs. These are the Repeater Operating Procedures.

On the road and want to hook up with The Linked System? Our Echolink node is the same as our 2 meter repeater in Vernon - node number 147345. We also offer IRLP. Our node number is 4395.

Are you a D-Star User? Please join our D-Star users forum.

D-Star Users are requested NOT to use text messaging on the AA1HD repeaters except in an emergency.

The Linked Repeater System is highly committed to public service. During ARES and Skywarn emergencies and drills - please yield the repeaters to the respective groups until net control returns the repeaters to normal use.

Do you have a need to use The Linked Repeater System for a net?
Our system is available to groups who would like to use the system for public service or any general ham radio net.

For information on ARES click on the link below.





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